Monthly Enrolment Report Instructions

All new Child Care Operating Funding child care providers are sent a set of monthly enrolment reports, unless the provider is submitting online and has advised the branch they do not require hard copies. Included in the set is facility contact information and step-by-step instructions for completing the enrolment reports.

Please review the following information carefully before completing and submitting your monthly enrolment reports.

The preferred and fastest payment method of submitting your monthly enrolment reports is to use the online Child Care Web Application.
Requires BCeID to log on.

With a BCeID, you will be able to log on with a secure user name and password and create, save, edit, and submit your monthly enrolment reports online.

Screen shot of the new Child Care Web Application

  Screen shot of new CCOF Care Web Application

You can also view your payment status and perform other tasks related to the administration of the Child Care Operating Funding Program. Step-by-step instructions for using the Child Care Web Application are provided in the online Help.

For commonly asked questions, you can also refer to Submitting Enrolment Reports: Questions and Answers.

For Licensed GROUP Child Care Providers

For Licensed FAMILY Child Care Providers

Contact Information:

Service providers and parents can also access information on child care funding by contacting the Child Care Help Line in Greater Victoria at 250 356-6501 or elsewhere in BC toll-free at 1 888 338-6622.