Adoption Related Forms

The following forms are for adoption services that the Ministry of Children and Family Development provides. They may be completed online and printed off, to be either faxed or mailed in.

  • Application to Adopt
    The application to adopt includes a consent for disclosure of information authorizing a prior contact check of information held by the ministry and provides consent for future prior contact checks.
  • Adoption Questionnaire
    The questionnaire is the first step of the adoption application process with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. It gives you the opportunity to identify the background factors and special needs of the child or children you wish to adopt and it helps the ministry determine if and when to begin an adoption home study based on the information provided in the questionnaire.
  • Application for Registry of Parent
    The parents' registry will notify any registered person who believes themselves to be the parent of a child, if that child is the subject of a proposed adoption in British Columbia. Applicants who resides out of province or out of country may apply to register, but would only receive notice if the proposed adoption is in British Columbia.
  • Parents Registry Search Request
  • Adoption Reunion Registry (ARR)
  • Income Test Form
  • Physicians' Report on Applicant 
    Provides the ministry with medical information about the applicant which will help the ministry assess the applicants ability and suitability to meet the needs of a child through adoption.
  • Annual Homestudy Update Report
    Completion of this update report is required so that the selection of your family for a child is made on the basis of information that is as accurate and current as possible. The Adoption Act requires that you provide an update of the information in your homestudy once a year until a child is placed with you.
  • Request for Access to Information Form
    Application for access to information from files held by Ministry of Children and Family Development.
  • Consent to the Disclosure of Information
    Consent to be signed by client authorizing MCFD to disclose personal information under specific circumstances.
  • Consent to the Collection of Personal Information
    Consent to be signed by client authorizing MCFD to collect personal information under specific circumstances.
  • Post-adoption Openness Application
    Application form to register on the passive registry for post adoption openness.
  • Consent for Prior Contact Check
    As part of the screening and assessment process to ensure safety and well-being of children, I authorize a prior contact check to be conducted on me by a delegate of a Director under the Child, Family and Community Service Act or the Adoption Act.
  • Vital Statistics Forms
    Links to the vital statistics agency forms page.