Information for Pre-adoption Parents

How can I find out about reunion services?

The ministry provides reunion services to adopted adults and their relatives through the Adoption Reunion Registry.

Is there information, counseling or supports available for pre-adoption parents who are considering reunions?

There are different options for information, counseling or support on reunion issues. The Adoption Reunion Registry or the Ministry of Children and Family Development can assist and connect you with community-based agencies and support groups. For information, contact your local ministry office, or the Adoption Reunion Registry at 250 387-3660.

The main sources of information about birth and adoption records in British Columbia are:

Decisions about releasing personal information are made case-by-case. Sometimes more information may be available, such as when a reunion has already occurred.

Access to Information - This page explains how pre-adoption parents can access information about the child's adoption along with the guidelines for doing so. The Adoption Act has made it easier for pre-adoption parents and adopted adults to obtain identifying information about each other.

The Information, Privacy and Records Branch can provide original adoption records to people who were adopted as children. If an adopted child is 19 and:

  1. Has their original birth registration, the Branch may give them their original birth records, including information about named parents.
  2. Does not have their original birth registration, the Branch may provide their original birth records but must remove all information that identifies pre-adoption parents, unless they have given their written consent.

Adoption Reunion Registry - Provides reunion services to adopted adults and their relatives, including pre-adoption parents.

Vital Statistics - Maintains birth records, and registers no-contact or disclosure vetoes with respect to adoption.

Post-adoption Openness Registry - Enables adoptive parents of a child under 19, and his/her pre-adoption parent or other relatives to register their interest in establishing some form of openness agreement.

Prior Contact Check Questions and Answers – Provides information about Prior Contact Checks for prospective foster, adoptive and out of care care-providers, including alternative relief caregivers, providing residential services to children and youth.