At Home Program

The At Home Program assists parents with some of the extraordinary costs of caring for a child with severe disabilities at home through a range of health supports and services. It provides assistance in two main areas:

Respite Benefits allow parents to choose appropriate care options for their child and family.

Medical Benefits provide a range of basic, essential medical items and services


The At Home Program is for children and youth with severe disabilities who are:

  • assessed by an At Home Program assessor as dependent in at least three of four functional activities of daily living (eating, dressing, toileting and washing), and;
  • living at home with a parent or guardian.

Children may be eligible for both Respite Benefits and Medical Benefits, or a choice of one benefit.

Children with palliative conditions are eligible for both At Home Program Respite Benefits and Medical Benefits without an eligibility assessment.

Children receiving direct nursing care through Nursing Support Services are eligible for At Home Program Medical Benefits without an eligibility assessment.


To apply for the At Home Program, complete the At Home Program application form, and submit it to your local At Home Program Regional Contact At Home Program Regional Contact.

For more information on the At Home Program and the application and eligibility process, see the printer-friendly version of the At Home Program Guide.


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The At Home Program Info Sheet provides a printer friendly overview of the program and the application process.

To access a printer friendly version of the "At Home Program Guide" click here.

For information about reimbursement of At Home Program medical expenses, see the At Home Program Reimbursement: FAQs.