Respite Benefits

At Home Program Respite Benefits provides funding to purchase respite care for eligible children, either in their home or at another location.

Families may choose the type of respite services that best suit their needs. The program does not cover respite services provided by a parent of the child.

Parents make a written agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and may choose to receive benefits through a direct monthly payment, or to be reimbursed for respite expenses.

Parents are responsible for arranging for respite care, paying caregivers, managing their respite budget and providing a record of respite expenditures.

Benefits are typically $2400 - $2800 per year, depending on family income. In some cases, benefits may be enhanced to meet extraordinary need.

Respite funding may not be available immediately. Families may be waitlisted for benefits.

Contact Information

For more information about At Home Program Respite Benefits, contact your local At Home Program Regional Contact.

Resources for Families Receiving Direct Funding

For families receiving direct monthly respite payments, the following resources may help in determining tax and employer obligations:

It is suggested that you contact a tax professional for information specific to your situation.