The Process

How does it work?

The Ministry’s complaints process provides you with two options for resolving your complaint(s) – Resolution and Administrative Review. During Resolution you have an opportunity to be actively involved, with MCFD or DAA staff, in a process which encourages problem solving and provides flexibility in finding a solution that you think addresses your complaint(s). You and MCFD or DAA staff will have 30 days to complete Resolution unless you agree to an extension.

Administrative Review provides an examination of your complaint issue(s) by a Review Authority (RA). The RA (who is a person who has had no involvement in any matters related to the complaint) will review your complaint(s), come to a conclusion and may make recommendations. The Administrative Review will be completed within 30 days unless you agree to an extension. You may make a request for an Administrative Review at any time during the complaints process.

If you disagree

If you think that any of the decisions, conclusions or recommendations reached through the Ministry’s complaints process is unfair you may request an external review through the Office of the Ombudsperson.

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