Important Phone Numbers

Helpline for Children

Kids Help Phone
1 800 668-6868

Child Care Programs and Services Call Centre
250 356-6501 or
1 888 338-6622

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society
604 913-9128

General Ministry Inquiries
250 387-7027 or
1 877 387-7027

Media Inquiries
250 356-1639

Service BC
Victoria 250 387-6121
604 660-2421
1 800 663-7867


The ministry recognizes that young children’s early experiences and environment lay the foundation of future health, success and well-being. The early years, a period of rapid growth and development from conception until age six, are critical for a child's physical, social/emotional and cognitive development. To support parents and caregivers of young children, Early Childhood Development (ECD) provides a range of programs and services designed to ensure children get the best possible start in life.

The Provincial Office for the Early Years ensures government’s many activities and initiatives related to young children are well-coordinated and accessible in communities across the province.


Families Agenda

BC Early Years Strategy

The BC Early Years Strategy outlines government’s commitment to supporting young children and their families between birth and age six.


Looking for Early Years Programs?

This map displays the locations and contact information for a range of ECD programs across the province.

Looking for Child Care?

This map displays the locations and contact information for licensed funded child care programs across the province.

Annual Report 2012

Early Years Annual Report

The 2011/2012 Early Years Annual Report is an opportunity for us to outline the array of initiatives and services that support the healthy development of children.