Important Phone Numbers

Health Link

Community Care Licensing
1 800 663-7867

Child Care Programs and Services Call Centre
250 356-6501 or
1 888 338-6622

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society
604 913-9128

General Ministry Inquiries
250 387-7027 or
1 877 387-7027

Media Inquiries
250 356-1639

Service BC
Victoria 250 387-6121
604 660-2421
1 800 663-7867


The Provincial Office for the Early Years

Recognizing that improving outcomes in the early years requires the involvement of multiple partners and ministries, government established the Provincial Office for the Early Years (EYO) in early 2014. While hosted by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the EYO’s role is to oversee the successful implementation of the Strategy and ensure multiple partners coordinate to achieve the “one-government” vision for the early years.

The Early Years Office mandate is to ensure that:

  • Investments and efforts made under the BC Early Years Strategy result in maximum benefit for children and families in BC;
  • Partners across the early years sector collaborate and leverage policies and investments in order to ensure that an integrated system of programs and services are available to families of young children;
  • Continued expansion and implementation of the BC Early Years Centre network across the province; and
  • The public understands early years priorities, roles and opportunities.

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What’s New?

  1. Early Years Strategy Update: Annually, the Provincial Office for the Early Years provides a public report high-lighting key achievements related to the implementation of the BC Early Years Strategy.

  2. Review of Local Early Years Planning: In 2015 the Provincial Office for the Early Years undertook a review of local early years planning initiatives. The purpose was to identify both strengths and opportunities that will support the development of a new model of planning that has greater potential to make positive impact on child outcomes across the province.

  3. Early Learning in BC School Districts: A Scan of Promising Practices – This document highlights "promising practices" in the early years from school districts. The Superintendent of the Early Years interviewed all superintendents who shared some of their innovative approaches to early learning.


Families Agenda

BC Early Years Strategy Update


Families Agenda

BC Early Years Strategy

The BC Early Years Strategy outlines government’s commitment to supporting young children and their families between birth and age six.