Key Worker & Parent Support Services

Two services are available to assist families of children and youth with confirmed or suspected FASD.

Parents may self-refer to the program without an assessment, or at any point during the assessment process. Key Worker services are not restricted to families whose child qualifies for, or completes an assessment.

Key Workers

Key workers assist families in understanding FASD by providing education and information specific to the needs of the child and family. They are familiar with community resources, assist families in accessing support, health and education services and are involved in the development of local support services. They also provide emotional and practical support to families.

Key workers recognize that each family is unique and understand their role as one that builds on a family’s strengths.

Children with FASD do best when their individual strengths are recognized and built upon in a supportive environment adapted to meet their needs. A key worker works with parents, family members, adoptive parents, caregivers and service providers in identifying ways to adapt the child’s environment in response to the child’s needs. The key worker also strives to empower the family to become their own best advocates for their child.

Parent Support

Parent support includes local parent and grandparent FASD training, parent mentoring and parent support groups. Key workers can provide parents with more information on supports that may be available in or near their community.

Accessing Key Worker & Parent Support Services

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