Children & Youth Needing Care

Children in foster care range in age from young infants to youth under 19 years. Children come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, and many children come into care with their brothers and sisters. Every effort is made to place siblings together in foster homes.

There are many reasons why children come into foster care. Some children are in care through voluntary agreements with parents or guardians who are experiencing difficulties. The parents may ask for temporary help because of illness, marital problems, or parent/child conflicts. Parents may ask the ministry to provide specialized care for a child who has physical or mental difficulties, emotional, or behavioural problems that are beyond the family's ability to deal with.

Many children are in care because there are no other options to protect them from abuse in their own homes. They are in care by court order because of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect.

Whatever the reason for coming into care, for the majority of children separation from their families is a very difficult experience. Children need encouragement and support to heal and grow. They will not forget their own family and will want to stay in touch with them.