Provincial Office of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence and abuse do not discriminate, but they can escalate. Violent acts can be physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal and are often used as weapons of control and intimidation. Victims may suffer in silence and could be family members, friends or neighbours. If you or somebody you know is being abused, help is available.

In March 2012, British Columbia established the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence. The office is the permanent lead for the B.C. government in coordinating and strengthening services for children and families affected by domestic violence. The office is accountable for ensuring all provincial policies, programs and services related to domestic violence are effective and delivered in a comprehensive and unified way across government.

PODV led the consultation with anti-violence community stakeholders, service providers, Aboriginal community partners and cross-ministry partners to produce the three-year Provincial Domestic Violence Plan. The provincial plan, which was released on February 5, 2014, will strengthen the systemic response to domestic violence and charts a common path forward by which current and future resources can be effectively directed to reduce and prevent domestic violence. The provincial plan includes an Aboriginal focus and approaches to address the unique needs of Aboriginal women as well as immigrant and refugee women and women with disabilities.

PODV is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and regularly reporting progress as well as consultation with stakeholders to support a coordinated, systemic approach to domestic violence.

The office is part of the Ministry of Children and Family Development and works in collaboration with other provincial ministries, law enforcement agencies, and community stakeholders to ensure the effective delivery and coordination of domestic violence services in communities across the province.

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