Aboriginal Infant Development Program

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP) in British Columbia provides culturally relevant supports and services to families of children up to school entry who have or are at risk of developmental delays. Participation in the Aboriginal IDP is voluntary and family centered.

A Provincial AIDP Advisor is in place to increase the capacity of Infant Development Programs and support AIDP Consultants around the province.

Currently, there are 44 AIDPs serving Aboriginal children and families in BC. AIDP Consultants directly support families and children by offering:

  • Home visits, playgroups, parent education opportunities, parent support groups, and networking of parents;
  • Assistance in planning family activities to encourage healthy development of their child;
  • A variety of resources which are available online.
  • Screening and assessment that is culturally sensitive and meaningful; and
  • Information about other health, social and community services.

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For more information, visit the AIDP website.