Aboriginal Supported Child Development

Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) programs assist families of children with extra support needs to access inclusive child care. ASCD programs promote children's development along with their peers and allows parents/caregivers to participate in the workforce and pursue their education.

BC introduced the ASCD programs in 2006 and currently there are 20 of them providing community-based, culturally relevant services to enable the inclusion of Aboriginal children, both on and off reserve, who require extra support. An additional 35 Aboriginal Supported Child Development Programs are currently in development across the province. For more information visit the ASCD website.

The Supported Child Development Program (SCD) serves as an interim program in some communities while culturally appropriate methods of service delivery and resources are developed. SCD programs acknowledge the unique position of Aboriginal people and respect their right to design and deliver ASCD in their communities.

For communities interested in learning more about how to develop ASCD initiatives, please see the ASCD Resources.

Based on the recognition of Aboriginal self-governance and jurisdiction, SCD continues to:

  • Actively support the building of expertise of Aboriginal service delivery agencies;
  • Support, contribute and collaborate, as appropriate, with Aboriginal research projects and initiatives;
  • Build provincial and regional profiles of Aboriginal children and families who are eligible for or receive SCDP services;
  • Recruit Aboriginal Child Development Consultants and Aboriginal Support Workers;
  • Develop and implement culturally significant practices for all Child Development Consultants and Support Workers working with Aboriginal families or within Aboriginal communities; and
  • Work in partnership with Aboriginal Authorities, political organizations, bands, tribal councils and Aboriginal family service agencies to develop culturally appropriate services and to ensure access for Aboriginal families.