Supported Child Development

Supported Child Development (SCD) agencies provide a range of consulting and support services to children, families and child care centres so that children with extra support needs can participate in fully inclusive child care settings. This program reaches approximately 9,000 children annually. The program is intended to serve children from birth to age 12, with services for youth 13 - 19 years available in some communities.

Supported Child Development Consultants help determine the family and child's needs and match these with the resources available in their community. Parents are involved at every step as the key partners in their child's success. In addition, SCD Local Advisory Committees (LACs) involve parents and other key government and community partners in many aspects of program planning and service delivery.

Participation in SCD is voluntary and the program is available to all families, including families on or off reserve. While the program is free, parents are responsible for child care fees. Low and middle income families may apply for child care subsidies to assist with child care fees. For more information on child care subsidy click here.

Parents may contact their local SCD agency directly or contact their local MCFD office for information about the program. For a list of SCD agencies click here.

For families receiving direct funding, the following list of resources may be of assistance to you in determining your tax obligations as an employer:

It is advisable that you contact a tax professional for information specific to your individual situation.