School-Aged Therapy Program

The School-Aged Therapy Program provides occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to assist eligible children and youth in achieving optimal independence and meeting their educational goals.

Therapists work with family members, teachers and teaching assistants to support the student’s:

  • access to learning opportunities, and;
  • inclusion and participation at school and in the community.

The program focuses on supporting children and youth within the school setting. Services are also provided in home and community settings.

Anyone can refer a child or youth to the School-Aged Therapy Program.


Children and youth who have, or are at risk for, a developmental delay or disability and display a “demonstrated need” have access to School-Aged Therapy services from school entry until school exit.

Contact Information

School-Aged Therapy services are jointly funded by boards of education and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. For more information about School-Aged Therapy services in your community, contact your local school district.

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