Youth Services

In crisis? Don't know what services are available?

There is help.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development provides a wide range of services to help young people and their families when they are having difficulties, when youth are sexually exploited, have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, are living on the street, have mental health problems, or a combination of issues.

The services we provide can:

  • help you make changes in your life
  • better your relationships with friends and family
  • help you find housing
  • help you finish or continue education
  • enable you to gain skills and education to get a job
  • help you learn to manage your emotions and behaviour
  • if you are living on the street, we may help you get home
  • work with you to kick your drug or alcohol addiction
  • provide your parents with education and counseling
  • help you learn to manage money


Here are some definitions of phrases and words used on the Youth Services site.

A sexually exploited youth is someone who is under the age of 19, who is being manipulated or forced to engage in sexual activity in exchange for drugs, money, food, shelter, or other considerations.

High-risk youth are youth that are sexually exploited, drug or alcohol addicted, living on the street or have a mental health problem.

Youth-in-care organizations and support groups are run by youth-in-care and former youth-in-care and are funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. They can provide you with formal and informal support if you are a child or youth currently in care or a young adult who was formerly in care.

Youth-in-care is a young person who is under the care of the ministry and living in a group or foster home.

Former youth-in-care is a young person who is no longer living under the care of the ministry.

Mediation the dictionary defines mediation as "the process or action of mediating between people or organizations who do not agree, in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation."

Support is services or programs the ministry can provide you with, if you qualify after applying, to help you live a safer and healthier lifestyle or better your relationships with your friends and family.

Maintenance is when you qualify for certain services in the ministry, like Youth Agreements, the ministry will provide you with some money for food and shelter.

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